Dizzy Mystics

Eccentric, Genre-Promiscuous Hard Rock


Dizzy Mystic Soup for the Rocker's Soul;
2 cups Psychedelic
2 cups Progressive
1 cup Hearty 70's Metal
3 tbsp. Jazz
3 tbsp. Funk
2 tbsp. Folk
1 tbsp. Soul
A pinch of Celtic Pepper is optional
(Measurements of each ingredient are subject to change for each batch made)

Dizzy Mystics are a band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
As the recipe implies, rock music is the spoon that stirs the soup, and no genre (or spice) is out of the question.
Filling out the sonic experience is Kyle Halldorson (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Alexandre Joyal (Guitar), Aaron Bacon (Bass), and Robert Schau (Drums).
Expect a dynamically diverse, tastefully complex, and energetic dose of adventurous hard rock with feet moving rhythmic swagger, and stargazing melodies.


Photographers: Lindsey Sturgeon, Jennifer Norenberg

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Kyle Halldorson


Alexandre Joyal


Aaron Bacon